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SUCCESS  Is getting what you want. 

HAPPINESS  Is wanting what you get.

OUR MISSION Is to provide you with objective, independent financial advice and coaching focused on your best interests.

SO? So you can be happy, knowing that you have taken action designed to ensure your future financial success.



Who We Are

Teresa Davila CRPC is a retirement planning advisor, professionally trained coach and registered fiduciary who founded Rainbow Retirement Planning, a fee-based financial and insurance services firm, to help conservative retirees and pre-retirees create sound retirement plans. Plans that could help them protect and enjoy the retirement lifestyle that they’ve worked so hard for.

We strive to be advocates and resources for our client as we assist them with financial and insurance concerns including: retirement advice, coaching and planning,  private wealth management, income planning (including Social Security and annuities), advance tax planning, estate and legacy planning and senior insurance (Medicare, LTC and health insurance).

Using a comprehensive approach that combines financial planning, financial literacy education and coaching, Teresa can help her clients preserve their assets and gain financial peace of mind for retirement...peace of mind not only for themselves, but for loved ones as well!

How We're Different

Our focus is centered on YOU.  As your fiduciary, we put your best interests first while striving to offer you only the best financial solutions for your unique situation.

Are you conservative, yet still seeking moderate growth? If so, our investment philosophy may resonate with you.  We focus on preserving your life savings, both in the accumulation and distribution stages of retirement planning.  

Risk is everywhere in retirement and we can help you identify and manage risk by using private money managers whose strategies are designed minimize risk and volatility. We can help create family legacies, reduce income taxes and provide income planning that helps ensure that you won't run out of money in retirement.

Wouldn't navigating your future be easier with a financial "roadmap"?  We specialize in helping you navigate the route, providing the knowledge and "turn-by-turn" guidance you need to help you make your retirement your BEST years!

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We are committed to financial education, enlightenment and empowerment for all.

We don't just specialize in financial advice - as a Board Certified Coach, Teresa helps successful clients improve their financial fitness and wealth wellness with actionable money management moves!

Knowledge and insight can provide the clarity you need to make your best financial decisions. Decisions about how to protect what (and who) you love, grow your "dough",create your personal legacy and truly enjoy your wealth.  

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