Many folks planning their retirement - or already retired - underestimate the total amount of money at stake in retirement.  Once Social Security and/or Pensions are factored in the total numbers are usually quite a bit larger than most people realize.

Consider the following:

Average Retirement Savings: $255,000
Average Home Value: $188,900
Average Social Security Benefit for a Married Couple: $1,024,848
Total Retirement Value: $1,468,748

Providing for a Tax-Free Retirement:

Did you know: up to 85% of your social security can be taxed?

The good news is that in retirement, you'll have a great advantage in being able to control just how much taxable income you have each year. Through advance tax planning we can help you plan ahead and choose the right strategies and tools for getting the most out of your social security, pension, retirement fund and investment dollars.

We can help you make the most of your retirement nest egg, while minimizing your future taxes. Imagine - what if the next time you had a stock market loss or business loss you were able to use that loss to offset and reduce your tax liabilities? Our goal is help you maximize your retirement dollars while minimizing your taxation using every rule in the IRS' book. We can help you get the most out of your retirement.

Planning For The Unexpected and The Inevitable:

Protecting your retirement from everything from unexpected health issues to sudden market volatility is all a part of what we do for you at Rainbow Retirement Planning. We all do better when we anticipate something rather than respond to it. In order to have financial security and retirement peace of mind, you have to be proactive. Helping you plan to have funds available in the event of an emergency or for that sudden illness is another way we protect your retirement fund.  Whether the unexpected or the inevitable is causing you concern, we can help you take steps to protect your retirement nest egg.

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Financial security and peace of mind can only be achieved when you know, without a doubt, that you've made the best possible decisions for yourself and your loved ones. And, when it comes to making the best decisions, knowledge is power. As financial educators and members of the Society for Financial Awareness, we take pride in providing free Financial Literacy classes to our clients and our community.  By sharing our knowledge, we can people to better understand their options, which in turn can give them more control over their financial future.  Click here to see our upcoming events.