Tactical Asset Management

Tactical Asset Management is a strategy of capturing marketing gains, while trying to avoid market losses. It supports our philosophy of "Protect. Grow. Enjoy!"

At Rainbow Retirement Planning, we help our clients utilize low risk, low volatility investment strategies that are designed to manage their risks by taking advantage of known market trends. The portfolios are designed to be defensive in bad times, and opportunistic in good times. (Click to learn more).

We accomplish this by selecting and utilizing a team of carefully vetted and very experienced private money managers. These private money managers each have proprietary and tactical strategy for managing volatility while capturing market gains.  (Click to learn more).

We apply these strategies with the goal of preserving wealth during both the accumulation and distribution stages of retirement planning.

Our goals support your goals - whether they be building family legacies, reducing income tax liabilities, creating a plan for you to help ensure a fulfilling and worry-free retirement, or - all of the above!

A Look at a Few of Our Private Money Managers' Strategies

Low Risk, Low Volatility Investment Solutions

The private money managers that we work with are carefully selected and go through a rigorous due diligence process. We are independent and we will only work with money managers who meet our strict criteria for success. To learn more about how we select our managers, click here.

You don't have to live with excess risk. Learn how you can reduce it - call Teresa today - because you're WORTH it!

Past Performance

2005-2015 Performance: Low Risk Portfolio

2005-2015 Performance: Moderate Risk Portfolio