A Conservative Approach

You've probably heard it before: the market consists of cycles...up down and around we go. Isn't that true?  If you agree - that the market is a cycle and is somewhat predictable, then shouldn't you be using that to your advantage?

Historically 80% of all significant market corrections have happened in the summer and fall, so you'd think that it could be prudent to pull your money out of the markets during those times, correct? When was the last time your stock broker ever told you to pull out of the markets? Probably never! You've probably switched stocks, moved your money around...but protect it from known volatility? Never.

Low Risk, Low Volatility Investment Solutions Using Tactical Asset Management

Our goal is to help you attain financial peace of mind and a better, worry-free retirement.

It's all about you - helping you protect, grow and enjoy what you've worked so hard to build. To do this, we utilize a team of experienced private money managers who each have a proprietary, tactical strategy for managing volatility.

How do we choose which private wealth managers to work with? They are carefully selected and put through a rigorous due diligence process. Being independent, we only work with wealth managers who meet our very strict criteria. To learn more about how we select our managers, click here.

Here are a few of the tough questions that we ask our potential money managers when we interview them:

1) Do You Have a Sound Exit Strategy?

80% of Bear Markets occur during the months of June, July, August, September and most of October*. One of our main criteria when seeking new wealth managers is to make sure that they have a sound strategy for exiting the markets both during times of volatility and throughout the year.

It is important that your money managers are able to move out of the market into cash or other lower risk investments during the summer and fall months when we know historically that the market may take a turn. By exiting the market during these times of volatility we can focus on growing your assets without worrying about first "getting back to even." This strategy can translate into significant returns over the long haul.

2) Can You Go To Cash During Market Volatility?

Did you ever wonder why, during the 2008 market crash, so many mutual funds lost a ton of money?

They weren't all bad mutual funds; however in an effort to prevent our economy from crashing every time there was a market correction, certain types of funds are not allowed to go to cash or cash equivalents. After all - if billions of dollar's worth of stocks were suddenly dumped, large portions of the economy would probably go bankrupt overnight.

Therefore, one of the key questions that we ask our prospective wealth managers is "can and will you go to cash during times of market volatility"? You need to make sure that your money has the flexibility to be there for you, instead of serving as a cushion for the national economy. Click here to learn find out "8 Reasons Not to Buy and Hold."

3) How Did You Perform in 2008 & 2002?

One of the real tests of any wealth portfolio is to ask the critical questions: "What was your performance in 2002 and 2008? Did your strategy work - or was it all downhill like everyone else's"? At Rainbow Retirement Planning, we are always striving to offer our clients low risk, low volatility investment solutions. To view our money managers' performance history, scroll down. 

4) Have My Assets Increased Significantly Since 2000?

Finally the ultimate question and real test for every wealth manager that we work is: "If I invested $xxxx in 2000 - before the last two market corrections - how much money would I have today"? At the end of the day that's really the only question that matters.


Protect. Grow. Enjoy!

At Rainbow Retirement Planning, we engage independent wealth managers who specialize in trying to significantly reduce risk during times of volatility, while also trying to capture a large majority of the gains on the upside. Our goal is to help clients attain financial peace of mind and a better,  worry-free retirement. Call us today to discover how your portfolio compares to ours.